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Add additional layers of protection to your property with effective Wireless Outdoor Motion detectors

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This outdoor wireless early warning system compliments your existing security structure at home or office when strategically placed to detect unexpected movement. 

The product is proudly South African and has been developed to withstand challenging South African weather conditions.

Wireless Sensor

The Kwêbeam system has been designed to be effective & easy to install. One outdoor sensor with a keypad completes a fully operational outdoor alarm system. Additional sensors, keypads, SMS control units, repeaters and interface modules can be added as required. A fully programmable built-in siren provides an unexpected element of surprise next to an intruder. No additional siren installation is required.

The outdoor motion sensor features dual PIR detection to ignore pets & detect people. Both top & bottom detectors must sense a moving heat source for a valid alarm signal. False alarms are further reduced with software algorithms to differentiate true detection from environmental noise.

The system is completely wireless and powered by standard AA alkaline cells. All wireless beams can transmit & receive signals for reliable 2-way communication. Built-in repeater functionality strengthens wireless performance and overcomes wireless range issues.

A Tilt sensor reports orientation changes while the system is armed or disarmed. To prevent theft & vandalism the built-in siren will sound when the sensor is forcibly removed.

The Anti-Masking version includes Active Infrared sensors that detects damaged lenses or unwanted objects in front of the lens. This prevents masking attempts while the system is armed or disarmed.

Wireless Keypad

The Keypad is used to control the Kwêbeam system. This includes arming and disarming all beams, bypass individual Zones & making programming changes to any Kwêbeam device. The panic button can be used to sound all Beam sirens at the same time.

The Keypad monitors 8 individual zones with the option to assign more than one sensor to the same Zone number. A total of 32 devices can be monitored when 4 sensors share a Zone number. It receives Alarm, Tamper and Low battery signals to give a visual & audible overview of the complete system.

The Wireless Keypad is completely mobile and operates from 3 standard AA alkaline batteries. Multiple keypads are supported on the same system.

KwêBeams App

Add the optional GSM unit to have even more control over your

outdoor security system with our mobile app. Have control over motion sensors names, arm and disarm timers, push notifications of all log entries, customizable arm modes, accessible panic button, further simplicity and so much more. Give access to various family members and have control over all registered members at your finger tips. Greater sensitivity settings to further prevent false alarms and quick access to individual device bypass modes. 

Protect Your Home

Make your home smarter by covering all entry points with KwêBeams Wireless Motion Sensors. Use the GSM Unit to conveniently control the KwêBeams System via the Mobile App. Use the Wireless Keypad as an Alternative Control Unit to Arm, Disarm and Program your Sensors.

Protect Your Storage

Add an extra layer of security to protect your stock and equipment.

Protect Your Livestock

Setting up KwêBeams around your livestock locations, pointing outwards away from the stock, can easily notify the caretakers of any possible intrusions before they occur.

Protect Your Equipment

Cover access to your equipment and vehicles using the KwêBeams Wireless Motion Sensor. The GSM Unit can be moved around & placed on Farm Vehicles and other mobile equipment.


The SMS control unit provides full Kwêbeam system control via SMS and is easy to setup and use.

The KwêBeam system can be Armed / Disarmed with SMS commands or a simple drop call. SMS notifications reports alarm, trouble and battery status for 8 individual zones.

The unit monitors the power state & will generate a SMS notification in the event of a power failure or power restore. The optional lithium battery provides backup power for up to one week during power failure.

A maximum of ten phone numbers can be stored with partial or full system control.

The SMS Control Unit features two multipurpose inputs & one programmable relay output to link various devices to the Kwêbeam alarm system. The relay output can be programmed to activate if a valid Alarm signal is received, or when a ‘drop call’ is received from an authorized cell phone number.

Example applications where the Inputs & Output can be used:

Remote receivers to Arm/Disarm the Kwêbeam system
Link to an existing alarm panel
Monitor any device for Alarm and Tamper signals
Connect sirens, lights etc.
Open gate or garage doors with “Drop Call” function

GSM Model Nelspruit

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